Why conduct an independent survey?

To better understand the reasons why we all serve ... and why we decide to remain in uniform or leave.  The results will be provided to senior decision makers, to provide a truly unique source of information they normally don't have access to.  We will also make the survey results publicly available, so that you can draw your own conclusions or perform your own studies.


Great website -- how long did it take to build?

Rome wasn't built in a day ... but this website was.  Admittedly, we continue to tweak it based on the excellent feedback we continue to receive from fleet sailors.


Can I be personally identified if I take the survey?

Not at all.  While we ask broad questions about your background to create useful results, we will NEVER make any attempt to personally identify you.  Rest assured that your submissions are absolutely confidential.


Why is a password required to enter the survey?

Primarily for one reason: Botnets.  


How did you develop your questions?

We worked with sailors to ensure we asked the questions that mattered most to them. In fact, we received additional input from active duty sailors that help design and develop the U.S. Navy's own surveys -- and borrowed some excellent questions from them. 

We then worked with members of academia to help ensure the survey meets a standard appropriate for statistical analysis, before running through an alpha and beta test to further refine the question set.