Solidifying the Team

We've worked hard to build a team and a board of advisors that effectively represents the diverse cross section of our Navy's communities -- both officer and enlisted.  These are upwardly mobile sailors within our profession,  who care deeply about our Navy.  Our advisors also include deep thinkers from academia who have helped us create a thoughtful survey designed to understand why you choose to remain in uniform ... and why you chose to leave.  These same members will also help us connect the dots following the survey, in order to draw the best conclusions from the data we collect.  

Too often we approach a problem with pre-conceived notions of what's wrong and how we should fix it.  Many senior leaders are concerned that today's budgetary environment won't support the financial incentives they believe will be required to keep our quality sailors in uniform ... but many of our sailors say "its not about the money."  Rather than viewing their stay in/get out decision through our own lens, why not simply ask them?

That is, simply put, the nature of this survey ... and we're highly confident that the team we've assembled will position us for success.