Release of 'quick look' demographics

Just over a month ago we asked sailors to take part in an unofficial survey in order to assess perceptions about their time in service and what their thoughts are regarding whether to stay Navy or explore other options.  

They responded.

Our survey ran for a one-month period, with notification spreading only by word of mouth.  When the survey ended May 32st we had received 5,536 completed responses, a statistically significant number that will provide our team, senior Navy leadership, sailors, and the public a timely look at what sailors are thinking on about topics.

All these responses yielded over 900 pages of data we still need to sift through.  We understand your desire to know more about the survey, so today we released a two-page 'quick look' which provides so highlights for the survey: who took it and simple responses to a few of the questions asked.  The full report -- to be released this fall -- will take a more in-depth look into the questions asked and provide cross-linkages that we think are most relevant.

Most importantly, we will released the 'bulk' responses a month after the report is released, so that YOU can form your own conclusions.

Stay tuned, as we'll continue to post relevant survey data points on a weekly basis while we continue to write the final report.